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So many incredible images have been generated for one reason or another as I've written Fear of the Sky. I'll be posting new pics periodically, so be sure to check back soon!



As far as Iko knows, he's the last person alive devoted to the god known as the Silent One. His intellect and self-discipline are second to none, but contempt toward those who don't see the world as he does keeps him isolated as civilization crumbles beneath the dragons' wrath. That usually doesn't bother him – until the cult of flesh-eating monsters known as wretchers kidnap his six-year-old daughter for a sacrifice and he has no prayer of saving her alone.


The memory of watching the dragon Azoch kill her two young sons and husband will forever torment Zerah. But only those closest to her understand the depth of the grief buried beneath her obsessive hunt for a dragon-killing poison. A natural leader, she’s quickly risen in Ivory City’s ranks and dutifully fulfills her responsibilities – until they get in the way of her desire for revenge against Azoch.

Zerah Green.JPG


When Makus left his insular underwater people for Ivory City, he never imagined how the broader world would enlighten yet unsettle him. His lifelong faith in his people’s gods crumbled, and with it, his life’s meaning. Since then, he’s longed for anything approaching the sense of purpose he felt serving his old gods as an elite warrior. He has no idea that his search for it will soon alter the world’s fate.


The larger of two species referred to as "wretchers", ukori stand between seven and eight feet tall and are particularly fond of human flesh. Those who've just arrived in Anuthura wearing crimson have unexpectedly taken to kidnapping girls and young women, slaughtering anyone who tries to stop them. None knows what they intend to do with their prisoners – until Iko, whose daughter is among the kidnapped, uncovers their plans for a sacrifice beneath the looming harvest moon.

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